Search Engine Positioning

What is SEO & SEP?
These acronyms stand for the marketing strategies, search engine optimization and search engine positioning. Both of these terms, in effect, mean the same thing. The strategic optimization and methodical manipulation of increasing a website’s presence among key search engines and directories using a specifically defined list of keyword phrases that pertain to that website’s products, services or information.

Why can’t I find my site on the search engines?
By now you’ve probably figured out that just because you build a great website does not mean it will generate traffic through the Internet. In fact, it does not even guarantee that you will even be listed at all in many of the top search engines. Through the science of SEO/SEP, a site must be made search engine friendly. By this we mean there are techniques that make websites more favorable to search engines. A website that has not been optimized for search engine positioning has little to no chance of having positive search results.

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